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About Union Bank

Union Bank was established in 1934 as a “union” of two Lake Odessa banks which were closed during the bank holiday. Since inception, we have served the banking needs of the Lake Odessa area and have slowly expanded our services into small, neighboring communities. For over 70 years, Union Bank has enjoyed the reputation of being a solid bank which supports our communities, the farming industry, and our customers’ commercial and consumer needs. This reputation has followed us into neighboring areas.

We make it a point to know our customers and their needs very well, which is why we maintain such a strong local focus. We look forward to furthering our reputation as a strong community bank serving small communities.

Our corporate family is made up of a number of individual companies: Union Financial Corporation, Union Bank and UB Financial Services. These companies work together to provide products and services to you.

Union Bank is an independent bank and management and the board of directors are fully committed to having it remain independent.

Industry: Financial Services

  1. 933 Fourth Ave.
    Lake Odessa, MI 48849
    (primary location)
  2. 233 Grand Ledge Hwy.
    Mulliken, MI 48861
  3. 1150 Jordan Lake St.
    Lake Odessa, MI 48849
  4. 11755 E. Bluewater Hwy.
    Pewamo, MI 48873
  5. 127 East Rd.
    Diamondale, MI 48821
  6. 202 E. Main St.
    Westphalia, MI 48894
  7. 529 W. State St.
    Hastings, MI 49058

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