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About DPT

DPT was established in 2001 and has a proven track record in many business sectors including banking, finance, investment, construction, education, municipal, pharmaceutical, industrial and health care.

DPT drives strategic organizational performance improvements by providing skilled resources for the configuration and implementation of solutions to support business processes. We collaborate with clients to ensure we understand the key drivers of their business to deliver the best solution to complex business problems, focusing on the end-result and not a specific technology. We focus on our resources developing a deep, effective and efficient project execution, and our comprehensive knowledge and experience using the most current Microsoft applications and tools (if appropriate)to maximize the potential for client success.

DPT specializes in 3 areas: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Leadership (PL) and Business Process Management (BPM). We help our clients improve their processes and systems to achieve the results they’re after, to succeed based on their criteria. We take an objective look at their business, learn their business by asking questions then suggest ways to drive business performance. That could mean shining a light on how clients communicate – or don’t communicate- internally, or it could mean implementing a new technology to smooth out or formalize a process.

Our focus is on helping client determine what will make clients successful, what needs to be discarded what needs to be strengthened and what does not need changing. Helping clients determine and implement what makes them more efficient and effective in the marketplace makes us successful.

Industry: Professional Services

  1. 2900 Charlevoix Dr.
    Suite 210
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
    (primary location)

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