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About afterthemove

afterthemove is a company dedicated to working with individuals and families moving into West Michigan.

Why do we need afterthemove?

Because relocating can be a stressful and challenging time. When working with a knowledgeable and caring individual who understands these needs it can also be exciting and fun.  I am here to provide assistance to those moving into West Michigan so that they can have a successful transition from one location to another. 

By working with newly relocated individuals as they arrive, I am able to help them feel 'at home' more quickly and ensure their success in their business and personal lives.

I will work with them to determine what relocation services are right for their needs and will help them get connected to their new community.



Industry: Relocation

  1. 2550 Albert Drive SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49506
    Phone: 616.446.1869